Testimonials | Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery, جراحة البواسير لبنان

Dear Dr. Ghassan,
I am writing to thank you for changing my life. You are caring, kind, and you listen carefully to the patients’ concerns. My husband, who visited you recently, said that this was his best medical consultation ever. My only regret is that I didn’t meet you years ago. Thank you is simply not enough. I want to express my warmest regards to you.My very best wishes,
Dear Dr. Ghassan,
I hope that you are doing well. I went through pregnancy and delivery with no more problems related to my gallbladder. I wanted to thank you again for my operation and hope to see you soon. Have a great weekend!
Warmest Regards,
Dear Dr. Nawfal,
I had a very, very good experience with my recent operation. I had a terrible experience following my previous surgery that was done elsewhere. It left me in pain and I was very upset. I cannot say enough good things about you. You are smart, you office is very comforting and you know what you are doing. I would give my experience an A+ rating. Thanks again,
Dr. Ghassan is fantastic! I had always been worried and embarrassed to go to a surgeon for a check up regarding hemorrhoids. I thought my case was hopeless, and definitely didn’t want surgery at this point in my life. The decision for surgery was made much easier than I thought due to the fact that he took time to listen and answer all the questions I had before he booked my operation at the hospital. It instantly put me at ease. My experience was amazing! Dr. Ghassan, I enjoyed your sense of humor and will be forever grateful for the amazing work
Thank you
Dr. Ghassan is very warm and welcoming. He is kind and easy going, which relaxes me a lot. My consultation with him was very smooth as well. His examination was very thorough and complete. He went over everything step by step and left nothing to chance. I was very comfortable with him. He took very good care of me and made me feel like part of his family. I would recommend him to everyone I know!
Dear Dr. Ghassan,
I know you receive a lot of Thank You cards and letters. I just want to let you know the dramatic impact you have had in my life. You dissipated the fears that I had concerning my breast mass and, aside from courage and confidence, you have given me a new outlook in life. I know now that I have made the right decision to walk into your clinic. I just wanted to thank you for all the positive energy, sense of humor, patience and mostly your perfectionism and expertise in what you do. Dr. Ghassan, I genuinely and sincerely THANK YOU for everything.
Dear Dr. Nawfal,
Just a short note to thank you. Before I met you, I thought my situation was impossible. However, because of your wonderful reassurance displayed at the very first visit, your masterful knowledge in the field of Surgery, and your ability to show the patients that you can easily surpass all their expectations, I consider myself very lucky to have been treated and operated by you.